Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Anoraks never die

 Here are two of the latest additions to the chaos at Rock HQ, pygmy goats who's names escape me for the moment but they are most likely to be Holly and Summer
 whilst here is Valentine and Dolly, or not
 and this is almost certainly Katy and Gizmo. All listening to each other through the walls wondering why the walls have suddenly started bleating. These UXG's are the pathfinders of the new herd, with four more arriving in June. Let the fun and games commence and hopefully as they are diminutive of stature these will refrain from climbing onto the cottage roof.
 Talking of small things my inner anorak got an airing last night as I painted some "little men" as MBAOSPW refers to these finely crafted miniatures.
These are Russian Cuirassiers, The Emporer's Life Guard in fact from 1807, part of a massive project I'm undertaking to paint all the units at Borodino.....help....I think I need to take this anorak back.

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