Sunday, 13 March 2016

Size matters

 After a hectic morning of dog sorting and star wars lego it was time to assemble the apprentice's birthday present which was left behind on the Centre Parks birthday weekend bash on account it arrived in three large boxes and occupied most of the transit van that delivered it. The picture that prompted the purchase give no real indicator of dimensions but it soon became apparent that the contents of the boxes made something the size of a Fiat Panda. Not sure how its going to be got out of the living room but for the time being it stays here as a very crucial part needs a special type of spanner so to prevent accidents to a very impatient child who fails to understand the necessity of a securely attached steering wheel to a fast moving object it will remain a trip hazard.
 The latter part of the afternoon, having finally prized the apprentice from the go kart, was spent on a slow dawdle around the Bonsai Mountain with rug rat mkII and Mrs Bear pathfinding, which was pretty good considering it was his first circuit of the mountain, and our newest Berner on a lead.
 This is rug rat mkII's reaction to being told that he was only halfway.
 Here's yours truly giving the apprentice a bit of a lift.
 The apprentice playing king of the castle by the troll's cave, the rock is probably a troll.
 Rug Rat MkII in negotiation with Thunderpaws for a ride home. Thunderpaws, who is almost certainly the worlds biggest Berner has come back to the clan as his owner has discovered girls and has no time to keep this super K9 entertained so he's here to train up to be an action Berner,
 So a good day
ended with an amazing sunset.

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