Monday, 7 March 2016

Happy Mother's Day

 After a mighty breakfast of "casseroles" as the two youngest bipeds at Rock HQ insisted on calling the croissants they helped craft (although the one in rug rat MkII's jam smeared mit is distinctly un crescent shaped) we headed off to the beach
 as the weather forecast was only for light snow flurries which makes ideal picnic weather!
 The apprentice came over all Sherpa Tensing and headed off the near vertical slope of the worlds biggest sand dune.
 Closely followed by his little brother and intrepid mother.
 Rocky decided to join in and watched with interest as the rest
 were less than successful at gaining sufficient altitude.
 But as Berner he has bags of patience and waited
 and raced up and down just because he could. The apprentice eventually reached the top and as is required by law rolled to the bottom.
 Down at sea level the pleasures of spring day picnics were apparent to all, here we conserve body heart whilst sharing pringles.
 One of us is very handsome in this selfie.
 After a long trek through the dunes we made it back to Ruby before hypothermia took hold and revived ourselves with fish and chips. In all a brilliant trip and a very happy mother at the end of it.
So happy in fact that she didn't raise an eyebrow when I set off on another 25 mile night ride once the smalls were safely tucked up in bed.

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