Saturday, 26 March 2016

Good Friday

 The day got off to a good start with an impressive veggie breakfast. The lets give up meat for Lent has changed to lets see how long I can do it for as I'm feeling better since not eating meat and that is helped by the incredible smugness associated with my diet not contributing to factory farming, animal cruelty and global warming. Being a right on eco warrior the next task of the day was to go out and do the morning routine
 a job hindered somewhat by a Berner called Spotty who wanted to play lets run off with the broom again.
 As can be seen he's good at it
 and try as I might (threats, pleading, offers of unlimited biscuits) I could not get it off him and it now resides along with three previous brooms on the mountain somewhere in a graveyard of stolen objects like walking boots, tools, enough planks to build a small house and numerous dog toys/bowls/bones/chews.
 The main part of the day was spent at the seaside, the weekend forecast one of rain and wind from storm Katy. So having a house full of boxes of new kitchen and bathroom, going to spend a day a the seaside was a clear winner rather than sort out major DIY projects. The apprentice came over all Chris Bonnington and insisted on climbing over all the boulders between the car park and the chip shop
 while rug rat mkII stared longingly at the water shouting that he wanted a paddle.
 The harbour, normally jam packed with a motely collection of vessels was strangely empty
 and there was a curious lack of tourists which made getting chips and ice cream (not on the same plate) a lot quicker than usual. Once the need to visit all the tat shops had been fulfilled and full to bursting with fried and frozen food we set off home into a nightmare of diversions due to serious crashes along two of the major roads across Wales which added 50% miles and time to the return journey. Small potatoes compared to the poor souls who's day out had been truly ruined by poor driving.
Back at the ranch yours truly set out on a night bike ride and suffered another blow out but as it was close to home I just ran/waddled home pushing stricken bike. The pups are settled in to Dolyhir Dog life, here they are relaxed with mum showing a)how chilled out Berners are and b) how massive they grow as the pups are now nearly as big as mum!

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