Saturday, 12 March 2016

Down hill from here

 The day couldn't have got off to a better start
 with a quick ascent of the bonsai mountain
 in perfect conditions with the most boisterous of clan members
 with time taken to take arty farty shots.
 But once paid work intervened a phone call alerted me to the fact that Ruby had left my beautiful and oh so patient wife down and both were stranded in a lay by far far away.
 Mounting my trusty charger, or rather getting into my knackered old Disco I set off to rescue my damsel in distress and having ascertained that Ruby had in fact died yours truly set about second breakfast provided by a very handy mobile food emporium
and awaited a recovery vehicle to take Ruby to the menders. As of now the menders have not been able to stop laughing long enough to tell me how much Ruby needs to put her right.

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