Monday, 28 March 2016

Happy Easter

 There are a number of big projects going on at Rock HQ, and like all big jobs undertaken by yours truly it first required space to be made in order to accommodate sections/debris created by the big jobs. So all the I will make them one day model kits got moved a put together in one place which was quite frankly embarrassing given the amount and the fact that there are more in the attic. Quite how I managed to accumulate all these without being sectioned under the mental health act is beyond me.
 A small step was taken towards completion when the apprentice got hold of one and made his dad proud by making his first Airfix kit. Ignoring the fact it was in bits thirty five seconds after this photo it was a happy occasion.
 The bulk of Saturday gone with creating space some of the gaps were filled by a massive amount of chocolate arriving.
 But as is so often the case when we get time off plague hit us all which put paid to all plans for happy Easter (involving Beth, good cooking, champers, visiting grandson and daughter in law) and instead we spent hours mopping up sick, changing nappies, changing clothes that had been puked over (the apprentice got my beautiful and oh so patient wife 5 times in a row) and wondering how long you should leave a child that has not kept anything down before phoning an ambulance.
 Between the vomit fest and 20 yard dash to the great white phone some progress was made on the big job with all the space created Saturday now filled with debris from the kitchen as even more space was made to be filled with the new kitchen which currently fills the dining room.

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