Thursday, 9 May 2013

Information Exchange

Work involved a conference today which involved fifty or so like minded people listening to guest speakers before rushing to the exits in search of caffeine and free calories. An interesting and thought provoking day and a chance to catch up with some colleagues from a past life.
I knew one face as soon as I walked in, we all know them, people we "know" by sight but by nothing else, you nod, wave, say hello every time you see them. This man, I see him every year either several paces behind me or a few in front on the BBMC. The traditional greeting of "I know you don't I" was followed by me identifying for him where.
"That's right, that's soon isn't it" he replied.
"Yes, this weekend."
" No" he says, "next weekend."
" But I've got it in my diary this weekend." Silence while we both check respective diaries, his says the 18th mine says the 11th. He goes off to google, I text my beautiful and oh so patient wife to check my entry card next to computer. She is faster than google. Its the 18th.
Triumphant he says "I will see you then."
 I compose quick email to alert walking partner that I had made a deliberate error. He replied he thought I had but I seemed so convinced that he thought it best not to say.
Thankfully I wont now be turning up a week early and miss the free cakes.
 Its not the first time this has happened.
Twice I turned up an boarded one of her Majesties warships in Portsmouth ready to do my bit for the Queen in the RNR only to find a different officers name chalked on the bunk. Quick check of duty rosta found that I was a week too keen.

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