Sunday, 26 May 2013

A grand day out

 It takes a lot to tempt me away from Rock HQ and the jobs list but the offer of free food usually does the trick so today saw yours truly step up a gear on the P2P training and do a 76 mile bike ride. On the way I met some very interesting people, a tit in a hatchback who owned the whole road and objected to me using part of it. His baby on board sticker in the rear window indicated that either he was teaching his sproglet bad manners or he had borrowed his mums car and was late for lunch.
The majority of those encountered were very friendly, especially those on two wheels. I closed in on a Teeside t shirt work by a Robert Murdoch who was cycling from Teeside to Lands end, John O'Groats and back again, and today as we spent a mile or so chatting he was on his way to Chester via Shrewsbury. The fact that he was on the wrong road heading away from Shrewsbury didn't faze him too much, it was a sunny day, the road was good, he would get there eventually. He was raising money for a children's hospital. Further on I met an Andrew Simpson with A N Other (Mike?) who was some way into their 90 mile target for the day, on their way to Jon O'Groats raising money for Help for Hero's. His buddy was cycling for RBLI. All have donations pages on Just Giving website and I give you this info because you might look them up and make a donation.
 After a fab lunch laid on by SuperGrandma the bike ride took a serious turn when faced with some massive hills, hills that made the Telford bypass hill seem like a pimple. I managed to complete the climbs without falling into oncoming traffic or crying and at the 75 mile mark which was actually 76 and bit where my beautiful and oh so patient wife was waiting to whisk me back to HQ to complete the evening rounds and play in the playground with little t.

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