Wednesday, 30 November 2011

In the hot seat

Pretty boy Apollo had his supper rudely interrupted by yours truly and for the second time in his short life he was sat on. This time there was a proper camera on to record for posterity all the drama of the event.

Apollo took the weighty intrusion in his non stride and hardly pausing for breath carried on munching while I fidgeted around getting him used to the awkward movements of a seldom jockey. Throughout he was relaxed and calm and showed no psychopathic tendencies so I am hopeful that as the weeks progress we can introduce music and movement into his training schedule.


Anonymous said...

Brave man. I'll stick to bicycles for the time being: at least they have brakes.

Jeremy Fisher said...

The seat wouldn't have been hot for long if he'd bucked at all. The beam above your head would have spoiled you day!
I also liked the comment: "Throughout he was relaxed and calm and showed no psychopathic tendencies" but it begs the question, yeah, but what about the horse?