Friday, 18 November 2011

Heidi strikes again

Our pet ghost struck again yesterday, the missing bank card turned up where yours truly had last seen it, more or less, give or take 100 miles and 45 centimetres. I had left it, I was certain, in the centre console of Vic. No amount of searching Vic by my beautiful and oh so patient wife revealed where I had put it, and as the house keys were also missing (see previous Heidi post) it was attributed to our mischievous Heidi ghost. New bank card arrived, all was well yesterday apart from having to drive across the county with a sat nav with a sense of humour who for a whole 35 minutes kept me 4.3 miles from my destination, no matter how many turn rights I did. During this episode I had pull into a layby to answer a call of nature behind a hedge. On my return the bank card was situated as above. Now Vic has been driven by both myself and the patient one several times since the card went, and as it was so clean it wasn't buried in the mud on the mats. So, logical explanations on a postcard please!

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