Saturday, 5 November 2011

Little and None

The monster job of creating a playground for the critters continued today, thankfully in glorious autumn sunshine again. It was a long day, but fueled by two cans of tango, four cups of tea and a Topic (a hazelnut in every bite, they still make them) and half a date and cherry sconethe concrete pad was extended by 7 metres. As ever George was an excellent assistant, the same cannot be said for Rocky and Reba, Rocky's contribution was to "guard" the 15 ton pile of stone while Reba added her own unique touch to the first few barrow loads.
She also sat in the way, often
then thought the best place to be was actually in the sand bag I was using.
At least she asked before helping herself to the last half of the date and cherry scone brought out to me by my beautiful and oh so patient wife Tracey. End of play saw a lovely smooth concrete pad, the chances of it making through the night unscathed are remote, having already chased off two of the three little pigs who wanted to add to Reba's artistic talent I think there are two chances of finding a smooth pad on the morrow, little and none.
Hopefully tomorrow will be another clear day weather wise and we can get a bit more done, George doesnt suffer aching limbs like me and after all todays hard work he still looks as good as new.

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