Monday, 14 November 2011

Meanwhile back in the real world!

Normal service has been resumed. Regular visitors might have wondered where the daily update had gone, perhaps assuming the techno gremlins had got us again, or more likely BT failing us, but no, we abandoned our life of animal magic and muddy mayhem for a weekend break at Centre Parcs where for a couple of days we exchanged smallholding and all its wholesome goodness for sports, swimming, cafes, saunas, firework displays, reindeer's and Father Christmas' workshop. It was really good fun, a complete change to be totally clean and as we went with our apprentice smallholder, his big sister and partner and super grandma there were several firsts, such as "swimming" and dressing him up as a reindeer. Thanks to all those that ensured Rock HQ ran smoothly without us, especially Stable Sprite for feeding all and sundry (I had left the feed room door open which the critters took as an invitation for take aways but luckily no harm done) and to our hired gun who spent 9 hours trying to persuade a Bernese dog to get out of the garden and back into the cottage. In all we had a great time, so many memories, nearly as many photos, the new camera was experimented with and some of the results will be published once I work out how it works, but we missed HQ and the critters so it was good to go but better to come back. We didn't miss the mud though. Not at all.

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