Saturday, 5 February 2011

Sprung back

After all the cold weather the plants seem to think spring is here already. The snowdrops at the Ghost House (don't look back) have been waving in the breeze for the last two and a half weeks but its only today I got there with two essential items, daylight and a camera.
Its amazing how things change so quickly under our noses. Two days ago I checked the pond, we get hundreds of frog turn up every year to spawn. The pond literally froths with activity as the amphibians get all amorous. Aptly they normally turn up in Valentines day, but yesterday morning dozens of beady eyes were watching me from the safety of the water.
They have sprung back. Early.
The rescue moggies were sent to new homes today, hurrah! I like cats, prefer rabbit, or chicken, but me and some cats just do not get on. Especially when they sharpen their claws in the new sofas.
We are still plus two here, Harry is on his hols, one of the class of 2010, he looks like his brothers and sisters, all rolled into one, hes lovely and enjoyed a trip around the Bonsai Mountain helping with my training for the BBMC. And Molly is still here, Rocky has been very busy since she arrived, we think she goes home tomorrow to give the poor lad a rest!

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Anonymous said...

I take it from seeing the rabbits in your blogs, that you have never had rabbits in the house. Imagine those power feet and teeth inside and imagine wood walls, and a hole you get what a friend's ten year old rabbit did in her lifetime inside only. Or her poor lamps.