Sunday, 20 February 2011

BBMC training

As I am determined that this year my companions on the BBMC are not accompanied by a fat knacker I have committed myself to weight loss and some severe training. The weight loss part is working, the training is not going so well due to time constraints, but today I got a good session in after fixing taps, oh yes tick that job off and add plumbing to the list of skills. I thank you, standing ovation from the crowd, laurel leaves thrown in tribute. Knowing that the worst that could happen, I break the tap and we get a plumber called Steve to come and put right my wrong, it became easy, I applied brute force and ingenuity to the task. Brute force removed the tap top, ingenuity came into play when I found the washers didn't fit, oh thank you B and Q. Chances of finding the right size washer on a Sunday afternoon in a town that has only just got electricity was remote, however the shop indeed had a pletora of washers stocking 1/4 inch 1/2 inch and 3/4 washers. Our taps were 9/16ths, just typical, so rather than submit to defeat the oversize washer was purchased and cut to fit, this completed without a trip to casualty to repair damage to hand caused by scalpel. In fact so successful was I at changing the washer I changed the cold water one as well once the bleeding had stopped, just because I could.

Washing machine front is still a disaster, I took the utility room apart, plumbed in the new second hand one, surprisingly this job went exceptionally well, all done before breakfast and without the myriad of parts B and Q plumber advisor insisted I needed. The pipe wrench might come in handy next time I go to seek a refund. Why disaster then? Well the washing machine door refuses to open. Its ready to go but as we cannot get soiled articles in its a bit pointless. I abandoned that task for ones I could complete like trimming goat hoofs and putting the straw out for new bedding, see the video below to see the pigs helping me.

Back to the BBMC, the top pic is the Bonsai Mountain from the bottom, the long haul route, basically draw a straight line across the brown stuff to the skyline on the right of pic and follow ridge to the top. Easy. Quite a challenge but the view from halfway back to the start line shows the height gained over a short distance and makes the pain worthwhile. Halfway up I was amazed to find some mountain bike tracks in the gorse bushes, absence of wreckage and lycra clad skeleton indicated the suicide jockey had somehow survived. Once on the top myself and three Berners, Rocky, Spotty and Bliss went on to Hergest ridge where we met an old friend. A mare we met last year, this time by herself and again very pregnant.

On Hergest we hung a left and went to the Whet stone where we paused to think of he who cannot be named in a land far away. From there we could see the Bonsai Mountain looming in the background, it was getting dark, so as no one could see me I ran from here all the way home (me running, believe me not a pretty sight) Back at the Ranch, tea and medals, but no small smallholder arrived while I was out.

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