Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Goat of many colours

We do have an aversion to goats here at Rock HQ. An outbreak of the beasts critically injured the vegetable garden and killed the tomato greenhouse. Six foot high fences and machine guns failed to prevent their incursions and once they turned their attentions to the fruit trees they had to go. With them went our plans for goats cheese and milk for all at Rock HQ. In all honesty this was no loss as the battle and bruises for the wine glass of milk was far from worthwhile.We kept Geisha (above) our Anglo Nubian out of sympathy and a wether called Ambrose for Hetty to play with.
Absence makes the heart grow fonder and one of the reasons for going to the Royal Welsh Show was to find someone who had a Billy Anglo Nubian who could call on Geisha and make her life complete. Female Anglo Nubian's have a tendency to develop ovarian cysts as they grow older so its about time she was mated and hopefully the kids, which are the most cute thing since Bernese puppies, will be as colourful as this one at the show. As Geisha is totally tame and more like a dog than a goat there is also the vain hope that she will let us milk her rather than try and kill us.
These two were also prize winners, tartan check fur is apparently highly sought after.
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