Monday, 5 July 2010

Fanfare please!

Lots to be pleased about today. The Dolyhir website, a project that has been laboured over for weeks has finally gone live and there is a link to the site on your right, push the smaller version of this big button. This isn't a button, its a picture of the button. You'll get the hang of it. So many thanks to Rob for putting up with my mind changes and mood swings while we put it together and thanks to our friends down under Kathy and Simon who reorganised the blogs so a real numpty like me can add lots of new bits. Easily.
The plan to clear vast acres of the Bonsai Mountain is ongoing, as the dreaded green stuff grows a foot a day its hard to keep on top of it, but as these pictures show the entrance to the cauldron is looking less like jungle and more like rough pasture. The sheep have been chomping their way through it so all my hard work has been noticed.
And then theres Victor the travel sick Volvo, he's landed at Rock HQ after a pit stop at the local garage. The fault was soon fixed, the bods who fitted the clutch forgot to fit the earth lead properly which was why the journey back was so erratic and interesting.
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