Sunday, 18 July 2010

Dirty stop outs!

OK, I confess, we went out. And whats more we didn't return until gone midnight, unheard of!
What were we thinking!
There must be a forfeit paid!
We went out to celebrate with Stable Sprite and his lovely wife who's birthday it was. On the way back we met one of the more unusual traffic hazards, a flock of sheep blocked the road. Obviously some sort of militant group who's mission in life was to disrupt the festivities, they surrounded the car and refused to move. I got out to negotiate but as I had nothing they wanted my position was somewhat compromised. When they discovered we were not smuggling contraband livestock supplies the majority of them set off down the road, the way we wanted to travel, and so began a very tedious lets out run the Honda, only they couldn't, and to prevent mixed grills all over the front of the shiny bonnet we were forced to follow at the speed of a fat galloping sheep the majority of whom tried to run faster by jettisoning the contents of their grazing all over the road. We tried to pass the time constructively as we followed, a game of I Spy was doomed to fail as all that could be seen began with S, a variation, that of S B and later S S was allowed to make the game last a tad longer but boredom set in and silence descended on the occupants of the car as we all became hypnotised by the cantering woolly rear ends.
Every so often hope would rise, they would veer off towards the sanctuary of a gateway where they could shelter and allow us to pass. Inevitably one would panic and set off along the highway and sheep being the clever beasts they are, where one goes other will follow, and so we progressed. Painfully slowly. Finally they headed off along a gully and hid while the posse in the Honda gratefully passed by. We dropped off Mr and Mrs Stable Sprite, said our goodbyes and headed home. Meanwhile the clever sheep decided to retrace their steps, literally, and to every ones surprise we all met up on a corner and the whole exercise, for them, began again.
Looking at them they don't look particularly stupid, but the only reason Petal can stand and breath at the same time is that breathing is an automatic, reflex action.
Trouble, so named on account of being born, placed in the back of a Ford Focus which then got stuck in a ditch, has given up the standing breathing gig and is concentrating on the breathing aspect of the exercise.
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