Tuesday, 29 June 2010

How long?

I was asked today how we fitted so much into our lives here at Rock HQ, well one of the secrets of success is long days, very long days, like today which started at 06.00 and has nearly finished now at 22.34 with only the dogs to have supper and the birds to be shut away. This, all being well, means that there will be nearly seven hours before the alarm lets us know that we have to start again. And a lot got done again today so the minor irritation I have with the builder of the cottage has not upset me too much. You might remember that I recently built a set of widow boxes and like any bodger I didn't measure, if it fitted the downstairs window it would fit the upstairs ones. A quick check of the brickwork showed that my theory was correct, the same number of bricks across in both the downstairs and upstairs windows. Soon three lovely window boxes were ready for action and today I manfully struggled with the full of dirt and flowers box up the narrow stairs and into the bathroom where I found much to my annoyance that the bathroom window is in fact six inches narrower than the upstairs bedroom window. How we laughed.
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