Sunday, 21 February 2010

Right is always right

The snow surprised us yet again, making about 21 days of snow this year so far and it was another glorious morning so I set about clambering over various parts of the bonsai mountain, not at all looking for foxes. The views were amazing, above is across the valley to Steve the electricians abode whom we saw later on in the day as we ventured out into the real world, he and his family were off around the hill for a Sunday leg stretch so they kindly opened the gate for us, and, strangely, were there when we got back 2 hours later so opened the gate again. Fantastic service!
I noticed, as I ventured up the North Face Gully I am getting fitter again, the training is paying off but there is still a long way to go before I get to a level where I am confident the BBMC 43km wont cause me any problems. Those that know me will know that over the last few years I have gone from an athletes physique that could do the 43km in sub 8 hours to a pie eater physique who might need a calendar to keep track of the mountain marathon without really trying. I suppose its easy enough in reality, I am around four and half stone over weight, so say half a pound weight gain a month for 8 years and voila! Fat bloke!
Drastic action was taken the start of this month and I have begun to get lighter and fitter, basically cutting out a lot of fat from my meals, but still eating lots, especially bacon. My basic inability to follow instructions is hampering me somewhat, if there is such a thing as instruction dyslexia then I have it, that or I am fundamentally stupid. Diet plans are not for me.
Take an example of how I hear it right but do it wrong. The other week I had a very important meeting, you know the type of meeting you just cannot be late for. I got to within a mile of my destination and decided to park up and just clarify the directions by phone. Simple the receptionist brightly informed me, go to the next roundabout turn right, right at the lights and blah blah until you get here, got that? Why yes, indeed I have, so much so that I have written it down almost word for word, next roundabout turn right, see you in five minutes.
Why then, please tell me, why, why did I get to the next roundabout, instantly turn left, then follow exactly the directions given and end up in the next county and over an hour late?
Today after much exercise and calorie restraint and feelings of self righteousness I decided on a post dog walk treat, some no fat fromage frais with a dribble of honey. It was in fact delicious and as I sat licking the spoon clean I really couldn't believe it contained virtually no fat, it was so creamy and the best thing I had had in my mouth all day. Surely I wasn't that hungry. I checked the pot to confirm the no fat status, finding I had just eaten half a pot of creme fraiche. So full of fat I might as well have eaten a packet of lard.
This view above is the field that runs along our lane, full of sheep you can see where they slept last night, dark patches on the white, you can also see the shadow of our bonsai mountain.
Rush hour in our yard, always a busy place.
Maggie asking for a kicking from a mental pony.
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