Friday, 5 February 2010

DIY with animals

I'm not sure how useful he thought he was being but Rocky our Berner decided to "help" me with the decorating today. It was never going to be an easy task, painting the conservatory walls with so much through traffic but I decided the wear and tear had got too much to bear so a quick lick of paint and a promise to do it properly once the new entrance through the annex was completed would have to suffice. The first coat applied yesterday had a near perfect right hand dog print where he lent against it while watching me do the complicated bit around the door and behind the settle.
Suitably chastised he kept a low profile today as I wielded the paintbrush for round two. All went well, the dogs and I avoided each other long enough for me to paint the walls and dog hair. I was happy. They were happy. I fed the critters and started carrying logs into the cottage. At this point both Rocky and I forgot about the wet paint, I walked into the conservatory, he saw me coming and dived behind the settle, so we passed each other without meeting as it were. As I put the logs down I remembered the paint, about the same time as Rocky. While he went and hid I repainted the furry patches and locked the door. Apart from the two cat paw prints just under the open window it looks pretty professional now.
This pic is from the Cauldron, its where the trolls live. Its also where the prototype Easter Island heads were carved. You can see one on the right. Hey! Its my reality, don't mess with it.
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