Friday, 19 February 2010

If proof were needed

Three things were proven at Rock HQ today, not that proof were needed, we had long suspected, just never seen two, the third, the stupidity of Geisha our Anglo Nubian is confirmed almost daily. She can, when the mood takes her, show great intelligence. Many a time I have gone to the tack room where the animal feed is stored and found the door open and blamed my forgetfulness on the goats opening the door when we are not looking. Well today, whilst I was sawing wood, Geisha decided she needed a few extra calories and very carefully took hold of the bolt on her mouth, lifted it clear of the locking bars and slid it open. Success would have been hers if the damp weather hadn't have made the door swell and stick shut.
Second proof of an event we knew was happening was at lunchtime when we, and our pack of ten assorted size dogs went indoors. Just as I was tucking into the best cheese beanos ever the death squawking of a hen from the garden was a call to arms. We got to the backdoor just in time to see a fox scurry up the bank at the side of our cliff doomed hen in its mouth. A fat forty something man in slippers was no match for the quick brown fox who jumped over the fence while the lazy dogs watched on in amusement. Just to add insult to injury, by the time I got back to the kitchen the vermin cats had finished my lunch. The work on the chicken pen has moved up the jobs list but its a way to go before it gets to the top.
Then the cosmic balance was readjusted as Geisha set out to prove she is not as clever as she thinks she is and got a bit stuck with Daffodil in a bucket.
Smallholding is never dull!

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