Saturday, 3 October 2009

Stihl silent

Mr 20% came over today to help with the chainsawing in return for a bacon sarnie. He has a nice Stihl saw like the one I have borrowed, so twice the saws, twice the wood cut, twice the noise. Well nearly, there was a lot of noise emanating from Mr 20%'s end of the tree, none of it mechanical. As he pulled at the starting cord his Stihl refused to start, the noise was a succession of oaths and graphic descriptions of what he would do his his reluctant saw should it continue to be quiet.

My saw made short work of the branches in the lane and Mr 20%, now suffering from a sore throat from shouting helped clear the foliage. We had a bacon sarnie and launched a surprise attack on the Stihl silent saw. We changed plugs, mine Stihl started, not the sparkplug then. Mr 20% issued a final threat and pulled the cord. Then silence was almost painful, particularly for Mr20% who had run out of strepsils.

I picked up the saw. It was the same as mine. I pulled the cord, the same as mine. It started first time. Same as mine.

We got on with the sawing.

Steve the electrician turned up and very kindly changed the dodgy transformer so our dining room lights now work all the time instead of when they feel like it. More bacon sarnies and battenburg cake before more sawing.

Our pigs are getting a nice plump size, I have taken to putting their food in the roots of a tree to keep them occupied. They seem to like this, although Gwen wanted the camera too!

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