Friday, 23 October 2009

Sing if your winning!

I was still suffering man flu but decided to get some fresh air and check the hedge trimmers work. Accompanying me were four of the dogs, the two white Beagles here are nearly 18 years old and still sprightly waggy dogs. Passion and Preston, siblings, came from a hunting pack over Clyro way and are enjoying a leisurely retirement at Rock HQ.

Passion can hardly contain her happiness when she beagles about, often singing as we walk. Just rushing in and rushing out of shot are Pip the mental collie and Faith, the hyperactive Gordon Setter.

The lane was all in order so all was well in our world. By late afternoon I was feeling much better so did some more planning on the windmill project which made me happy.

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Anonymous said...

Made the mistake of playing that with my dogs in earshot... Now they're singing too!