Friday, 2 October 2009

Beat the clock!

Weekends here and its off to a good start with moving 100 bales of hay, again, before it rained. All the while I was lugging the bales I could see the rain advancing down the valley, by the time the last bale was stored the downpour began. It had to be moved as where it was was holding up the building programme and it would get wet. Now most farmers operate on the two move principle, hay is moved twice, taken into the field to the barn for storage and then back out for feeding. As ever at Rock HQ we are different, or mental, you choose. Our hay has, so far, moved 5 times. Collected from the field and stored in the stable, from the stable to the trailer, from the trailer to the shell of the new build and from the new build to the stable. By the time its taken up to the field it will be sixth time lucky. However as the hay is now in Apollos stable it might have to be moved again if he needs it back.

Still its done and the new build is now clear to carry on with, the hay is in a weatherproof building so wont rot, the chickens are now in the side of the stable the Berners use but by Sunday they will be in a new pen in the garden. Tomorrow its another chainsaw frenzy with myself and Mr 20% attacking the remains on the trees and Steve the electrician is spending his hard earned freetime here fitting a new transformer. The things people do for a bacon sarnie! All in all its another action packed weekend!
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