Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The axeman cometh!

The piles of chainsawed wood litter the ground at Rock HQ awaiting a visit from the axeman. So for an hour or so most evenings I vent my frustration on the wooden blocks with mighty blows from my chopper. This is a very satisfying if blister inducing process. Large wooden blocks are reduced to nice sized logs.
A friend at work asked if I had a log splitter, yes, a huge axe. No what you need is a splitter, looks like a cross between an axe and a sledgehammer, its much easier to use, its shape merrily splitting logs in one blow whereas your axe, that's more suited to cutting and not so useful for splitting large blocks into tiny pieces.
A visit to countrywide and I am now the proud owner of a shiny ultra sharp very heavy log splitter.
Back at the ranch I selected my first victim, a block that had taken several hits from the axe already and had shown no inclination to split.
I swung the splitter in a huge overhead arc and brought it crashing down on the wooden target.
It split on impact.
Right down the centre of the hickory wood handle.
I am taking it back tomorrow for a refund.
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