Friday, 16 October 2009

Alive and kicking!

This time three years ago today we were all sat around the dining table on various boxes and chairs eating our "last" takeaway Chinese and drinking champagne.
Time flies, some things change, some stay the same.
Friday the 13th was supposed to be the day we moved in to Rock HQ in 2006, but the Nice Man who sold us our dream panicked at the last minute and delayed the move until Monday the 16th. This meant Tracey, me, two dogs and bucket of fish spent a weekend in her uncles house in Telford contemplating our future. The kids stayed at friends wondering what had possessed us to relinquish the modern luxury of a three bed terrace to live on a hill inhabited by 300 sheep and a hermit. It was either the best move in the history of house moves or, as it seemed at the time, the worst decision I had ever made and I was solely responsible for four people, two dogs and bucket of fish being homeless.
Monday the 16th dawned and the Nice Man hadn't finished moving out, so we parked in the lane with a van load of our worldly goods, and the fish, waiting for him to finish moving out. 2pm and we stepped over the threshold.2.01 pm the fish were in the pond.
Against all odds we managed to get the house in some sort of habitable state by 9pm, hence the Chinese meal and champers.
Tonight we are celebrating the wonderful life we lead at Rock HQ with a homemade curry and have pushed the boat out to get some champers, well it was on offer so rude not to. Happy with our lot, surviving numerous adventures like life threatening accidents, rockfalls, floods, fires, snow, sudden deaths of livestock to name but a few. We have had so many joyous experiences over the last three years, all the setbacks and sad moments cannot erase our achievements. We have made so much progress here and the friendships we have established with other farmers and all those called Steve will last a lifetime.
Double celebrations though, our lead goat Juliet is alive and kicking, still not 100% but I am confident she will make it. She ventured outside the stable tonight, had a look around and decided a nice straw bed was preferable to the yard. Sensible goat that one.
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