Friday, 9 October 2009

Feed me now!

My extended weekend got off to a good start as the pigs, probably upset that I hadn't fed them as early as I usually do, broke through the wall of the chicken run and rampaged around the yard stopping now and then to grab mouthfuls of hay.

For a while chaos ensued as dogs, goats and poultry all either fought their corner or ran about excitedly letting me know there was yet another pork incursion. These have to be the most persistent pigs we have had for breaking out, but the most amenable to bucket following pigs ever. They dutifully followed yours truly back along the lane where they were temporarily corralled in the overgrown chicken run while I got on with my day.

As I cleared the lane and bank of twigs and branches and disposed of them on a huge bonfire the pigs busily grubbed around and snouted out self sown potatoes and scoffed yards of nettle roots. Midday saw white van man venture into our domain with a special delivery. Not the happiest of chaps when the magnificent seven bundled inside his van and launched themselves at his half eaten chocolate bar. I tried to jolly him along by pointing out the damage to his front drivers wing and headlight. Apparently yesterday had been a bad day too, today got worse when a goat of dubious parentage tried to make off with his sandwiches and a very fast thieving collie ran off with his crisps. I mumbled my apologies as he snatched back his electronic delivery book and clambered back into the safety of his van.

The packages were quickly opened.

Weapons of mass destruction had arrived. The chainsaw and hedge trimmer were soon in action until rain stopped play.

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