Saturday, 10 October 2009

How many more times?

It had been a great day, the Stable Sprite and his apprentice Gremlin took me from the sanctuary of Rock HQ to a BNP rally. This one was not attended by skinheads of limited intellect, rather a gathering of pig fanciers intent on buying and selling the finest pork on its trotters the country could offer. The British National Pigclub was having an auction.

For once head ruled heart and I sat on my hands as others bought the magnificent animals. The BBC were there filming, Jimmy of the Jimmy's farm "reality" TV programme was there and spending what was hopefully his own not license payers money on potential pork chops. Stable Sprite also refrained from bidding, at one point it our virtual auction we would have been coming back to the ranch with 19 assorted pigs, luckily the van wouldn't have taken that sort of cargo and we had forgotten our credit cards.

On the journey back I plotted how to get rid of all the goats, sheep and hangers on, build new fences (having just forked out for a post bodger it would be silly not to) recycle the tin roof off the "barn" to build proper pig proof fencing, using an old water tank as a pig ark and getting Steve to install a pump in the well to provide clean water to all the animals rather than rely on my Heath Robinson water collection system from the stream.

Back at HQ I did my rounds, feeding and watering. I had seen the goats were in the garden again but the constant battle has worn me down so I left that encounter til last. When I finally faced that challenge their antics had left the one greenhouse with three smashed panes of glass, basically the back wall gone and the tomato house devoid of its namesake. The only greenery in either house was stalks. Chewed.

This was a camel back breaker.

They are now destined for sale or curry.

Enoughs enough!

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