Monday, 19 October 2009

Becoming part of the food chain

It takes a while for our piglets to get from cute little piggy to rashers, chops and sausage sizzling in the pan while I chop logs. Chefs will note a couple of home grown tomatoes thrown in just to make sure I get my five a day.
Tonight was another exercise in the food chain, a delivery of animal feed courtesy of the Stable Sprite. After the foray by the goats, a few treats for the horses and far to much wasted on the useless poultry the last half ton had gone down a bit quicker than planned and even I, with my poor grasp of math could calculate that the remnants of the feed sack would not keep the smallholding well fed for another week. Luckily the Stable Sprite responded to the secret signal (a text message) and as he was fetching another load for himself was kind enough to abuse the carrying capacity of his horse box by adding another half ton for the needy.

Unloading it requires inhabitants and visitors of Rock HQ form a food chain passing buckets of feed one way and empty buckets the other, imagine the old style way of fire fighting before pressure hoses were invented. The half ton is quickly moved despite having to weave around chickens, sheep and goats who are all keen on testing each full bucket by way of quality assurance. The goats have not learned the danger of over eating and had to be driven off by yours truly giving his best King Kong impression, beating his chest and running after them waving a bucket in a goat threatening manner.
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