Saturday, 9 May 2009

Tough Day

I had planned to get some more miles under my belt today ready for next weeks Big Black Mountain Challenge, 44k across, well, the Black Mountains. This is just a stroll compared to the 178 miles in June, the great To Do, or The Offas Dyke ordeal, and I should have trained for it today especially after eating a fantastic meal last night at our local, The Harp Inn, Old Radnor
Here we were treated once again to an outstanding meal, Dave cooks the best steak ever, they just cannot be beaten and if you finish your meal off with some of Jenny's chocolate fudge brownies it would suffice as the last meal for a condemned man, unbeatable. Then there is the beer, and so you can see why I should have got up on the hills today.
Instead, well I boosted the defences on Goatanamo, the adults are now contained but somehow the kids still find a way out. The smallholders rule where an animal can get through a hole exactly half its body size does not apply to them, they can get through the tiniest breech in the defences and then rampage around the garden sampling everything they shouldn't.
I showed a member of pig club around Rock HQ, they met all the crew but the pigs were top of their wish to meet list and then sampled some of the finest pork ever served in a roll with apple sauce. This had to be washed down with more beer, well the sun was shining so its rude not to and one of the pups decided I needed a hand, see above. But the rolls and beers were more reasons why I should have trained today.
I did manage a bit of gardening, but as that involved collecting tomato plants grown for me by a local expert it hardly counts. He did tell a few of his secrets which I hope will boost the produce from the greenhouses this year which has so far been disappointing unless you count monster slugs, plenty of those.
A friend gave us a load of Prostate Cancer promotional items today so I set about the task of raising more sponsorship money. The plan to sell the miles, all 178 of them has been well received by people I have spoken to about it, you buy a mile for £10, when your mile is walked you get a thank you text and your mile and name listed on this site the day its walked. As I was responding to an e mail from Channel 4 responding to their plan to make me the new Jimmy of Jimmy's farm fame I decided the day was over so rather than exercise I sent dozens of e mithers about The Great To Do, and hopefully I will sell all 178 before we set off on the 7-6-09.
JJ bought two miles and said he would pay £15 per mile if I ran them, obviously a sadistic streak mixed in with his generosity but it will be done.
Proper training starts tomorrow when the beer runs out.

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