Saturday, 9 May 2009

Clever Trevor

Our little pony has developed a new trick to gain our attention. He lies flat on the ground, absolutely motionless, basically playing dead. This has a heart stopping effect on yours truly who, not having seen a horse lie down like that jumps to the conclusion that the Pocket Rocket is dead, drops the buckets being carried, runs across the field towards the corpse shouting his name, trying to work out whats killed him, foxgloves perhaps, but he was only biting walkers through the fence an hour ago, how could he die, and as the last fence is negotiated he lazily lifts his head, yawns and gives the horsey equivalent of "Ahhhhhhh gotcha!"

I did tell Tracey this. She laughed.

This morning she was getting into Rene to go and get some essential supplies. I watched as she dropped her bag, shouted "Trevor!" ran down the lane towards a prostrate pony. She got to him, he looked up, yawned and laughed.

So did I.
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