Tuesday, 28 October 2008

When the wind blows

Winter arrived early today and unfortunately a bitter north wind, rain and snow coincided with a visit from Mr20%, his lovely wife Annie and their friends and sproglets. They were en route for the Red Kite feeding centre and called in to meet and greet the animal clan of Rock HQ.
Things started well, some Ryelands looked suitably cute chomping their way through the haystack, Apollo wandered lazily around looking gorgeous and Trevor didn't bite the hand trying to feed it. Geisha goatfully stood up when they oooed and aaahed over the stable door absolutely milking the sympathy vote by limping over so she could be fussed.
The guided tour was cut short by the weather, sloshing round in freezing mud, avoiding stepping into various animal pooh whilst patting belligerent animals is an acquired taste that's not made sweeter by driving rain and biting winds and I could see that extolling the virtues of a self supporting lifestyle to captive visitors with drips on the ends of their noses was not the way to make new friends or influence people.
Trevor scuttled back to his stable, the lambs hid and I could see my guests had suffered enough so I relented and let them adjourn to the comfort and warmth of Rock HQ. Spirits were raised by hot beverages provided by Bethan and bacon rolls provided by Gerty. The adventurous amongst the group tried the venison and smoked garlic burgers courtesy of Bambi. Having convinced them all of the benefits of home cured bacon I managed to sell some plastic bags with free bacon and free pork in, the bags are so expensive to replace so I have to charge for them, whilst the children watched videos on the blog of the main ingredients.

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