Friday, 10 October 2008

Under seige!

I would like to sit here and tell you tales of the last two days that involve humour, my escapades with the two butchers, my attempts to learn how to chop up my pigs, how delicious the pork is, or perhaps the fun we had with the horses yesterday or the glorious weather and how life generally at Rock HQ is fantastic.

Except we are under siege from foxes.

This is some of the damage caused by an old dog fox to two of our lambs in the garden at lunchtime two days ago, the wounds are serious enough for them to be housed and given not quite intensive care, but care enough to prevent the shock killing them. We first thought it was our dogs that had done it, unlikely given they have learned the hard way from rams and over protective mothers to avoid the lambs. When dealing with this aftermath I saw out of the corner of my eye what looked like a fox dash past the gateway, I didn't really believe I saw it but today at lunchtime Tracey saw a ginger animal streak across the garden, our fat ginger cat cannot muster an amble to the food dish yet alone a streak across the garden. With the poultry away its looking for easy pickings and Sandy and Bonny are tiny Ryelands, smaller than the turkeys and Geese the fox has already taken.

Last night we saw a fox walk towards the top of the field, a couple of shots at it only made it break into a slow jog before slinking into the woodland.

Tonight, well Reba the Berner has just come in from the garden stinking, she has found fresh fox pooh and made the most of it by coating herself with it.

They are out there and they are watching.

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