Sunday, 26 October 2008

Fall back

Today has been a day of reflection and indoor jobs due to the torrential rain. I got up early, actually very early as the clocks had gone back so I passed over the chance of an extra hour in bed in my enthusiasm to get on with the major task of the day, namely preparing Bambi for his stay in Mr Whirlpool. Job done I had a nice pelt to dry as a rug, a huge piece of meat hanging from the rafter of the Black Hole and a bucket of choice bits for the dogs to play with. Nothing was wasted.

After a leisurely breakfast of our own bacon and some fresh baked scones Tracey and I got on with tidying up the workshop. An unbelievable quantity of useful bits and bobs had been stockpiled, so much so that it was hard to navigate from one end to the other without tripping. I dragged some really useful cardboard boxes into the sunlight, God knows what I was saving them for as he is omnipotent, me being a mere mortal had completely forgotten their intended purpose. As God was not forthcoming on the clue front I took the executive decision to have a bonfire.

This soon developed into a raging inferno on the driveway as I gave up any pretence of reducing my carbon footprint and gleefully threw everything that looked combustible that cluttered up the workshop floor into the hungry flames. At one point I thought I had burst an eardrum when a can of WD40 that had got caught up in the detritus exploded once hot enough but the amazing arc of flame it exhibited as it flew across the yard, its trajectory watched with interest by William, Apollo and myself, more than made up for the pain in my right ear from the initial bang.

The homemade firework earned me a "look" from Tracey which meant from then on all rubbish was checked for incendiaries and a promise to be more careful. A lone walker came through the yard, somehow she had managed to keep herself clean on the hill. This was soon remedied by Poppy the Golden Retriever who enthusiastically welcomed the walker by liberally coating her in mud. "Don't worry" she cried "I'm used to dogs" but I could tell she didn't mean it as she was talking through clenched teeth.

I found the bonfire a wonderfully cathartic event, there are a few worries and difficulties at Rock HQ but they all disappeared along with the rubbish. Tracey's Dad has had a good day, seems like he will get over this life event without suffering too much trauma. Geisha hobbled out of the stable to see what we were up to and immediately saw an opportunity to get into the feed store undetected so she is getting better. Currently she is sleeping off gorging herself on rabbit food.

We came in just before dark, which was a whole hour sooner tonight. I suppose the bonfire must have been quite big as Steve the electrician had phoned, he lives across the valley, he was just checking we were OK as it looked like the place was on fire.

Cheers Steve.

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