Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Friends reunited

 This is the very emotional moment that Amanda, a friend and former neighbour who moved to Suffolk about 6 years ago, met us, and most importantly Rocky for lunch.
 Amanda is the lovely lady who bred Rocky, he being one of 4 pups from a litter and we think the only one left alive (Berners are not renowned for their longevity)
 We met at the Harp, a place that used to do really nice food you could eat. This is not the result of a 4 year old playing but the antics of a mature chef who thinks Sunday roasts need messing with.
 Obviously despite the best efforts of the children Rocky was centre of attention as Amanda's cunning plan was to convince her partner Kevin that dogs are ok and they should have one.
They said they have not got a good photo of them as a couple, and if you look closely, they still haven't.

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