Friday, 6 April 2018

Its a wonder

 Not being the quickest off the mark yours truly genuinely had no idea what lets go to wonderland entailed and it has to be said the magnificent entrance did not raise expectations too much.
 But its for kids, and RRMK2 was thrilled by the whirling t cups
 while I was very impressed by the maze, and even more so
 when they found their way out again....ah well. It was at this point that I realised that wonderland meant the Alice type hence all the faded jam tarts on the walls and packs of cards falling over....told you, not the quickest.
 The land of the dinosaurs was truly hopeless horrific and genuine concrete with faded paint added to the spectacle.
 Back home I got to take my trusty steed out for the hour
 and made good use of the time
 surveying our bonsai mountain from a different viewpoint.
Which left me just enough time to walk the dogs before bedtime.

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