Friday, 6 April 2018

While the sun shines....

 Freaked out by a strange glowing object in the weird blue sky we decided that today was an outdoors day for fun. So after a catch up over a coffee with a friend last seen at yours truly's wedding to my BAOSPW (12 years!) me and the boys hit the park to pick flowers for daisy chains, bless.
 Scream on swings
 and get wet on slides.
 Then we headed off to play pooh sticks
 and eat easter cup cakes
 before indulging in a bit of free rock climbing without parental consent. See the pose he strikes, already a mountaineer.
 There are two children hidden in this pic. I'm trying not to panic, if they fall, it will hurt.
 The late afternoon took on a strange twist, a chance encounter with a hiker and the news of dead things on the mountain and poor orphaned lamb led to a rescue. Which is why
 Johnny Rambo now resides at rock HQ for as long as we can keep him alive.
Bo Peep here seems happy. Glad to say he has survived 24 hours, longer than he would have left to his own devices. His brother was dead when I got there as so was his mum. Nature eh? not all Disney is it.

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