Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Too much fun

 Bearing in mind the old saying all work and no play, and it being a sunny day for a real change, linked to the last weekend of the school holiday yours truly decided to ignore thejobs list which included build new kennels, cant think why and instead
 head off to the beach where we found the sea had gone out for miles. So we pottered looking at stones
 then sharpened our bouldering
 techniques and wondered why on earth were we wearing coats as it was so warm.
 MBAOSPW got her own back and was able to have a refreshing grown up beverage while I was designated driver with kids cola.
 RRMK2 got down to an apparent child's portion of a roast dinner. Yes he finished it.
 And still had room for a diet ice cream ahem.
 As the sea was refusing to return we ditched the idea of fishing for crabs, a peculiar pastime where you dangle a bit of string with a dead fish on the end, crab grabs it, you pull up crab put it in bucket go oooh yes its a bog one before dropping it back in the water, and headed home
 giving yours truly just enough time
 to cycle off the worst effects of the ice cream
before the evening routine.

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