Monday, 2 April 2018

When all you got is a hammer......

This eyesore, a tribute to British engineering, has been festering on the patio since its removal from the kitchen nearly 2 years ago. As it wont evaporate and took four people to place it there and those four people could not lift it to the skip or move it off the patio because someone has built a conservatory there, something had to be done.
 Now most people would not approach this heavy metal project armed only with a hammer, but yours truly is not most people. Armed with the knowledge that everything breaks, eventually and that there are some poor Asians who dismantle ships in the third world with little more than a chip fork, work began. Pretty soon it looked markedly different.
 It was literally beaten into submission, the only but refusing to yield was the boiler part.
 That was reduced into a manageable chunk that could be moved by one fat bloke with dirty mits.
 End of play saw the vandalism had paid off and the area cleared ready for cleaning with my new toy.
 Having spent so much time working on my arms I decided to get out on the mountain bike and was very happy to complete 7 miles in around 40 mins. I try not to think about the 200 plus race I'm signed up for on the 10 June.
 Back to a more creative mode
 I finished the 3rd regt of Bavarian Infantry
 which I am very pleased with
the cavalry are next.

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