Sunday, 6 September 2015

Walk and Ride

 Early doors saw yours truly heading up the trail around the Bonsai Mountain and for once I was not alone. Usually I am solo save for K9 companionship, today I had lil Bef for company.
 So we extended the hike up tpo the whet stone where the sun picked out some interesting shadows.
 It was an unusually still morning and the views were even more spectacular that  normal.
 At Vaughn's pool we stayed a while playing with the reflections
 as its a very peaceful spot.
 The Bonsai Mountain looking splendid.
 Afternoon drills were slightly less energetic with Apollo stepping up to take the strain. The apprentice demonstrating his equine skills, and showing how much he has grown as his stirrups no longer fit.
However as we progressed he decided that he didn't want to ride a real horse he wanted to ride his imaginary horse and race his little brother.

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