Friday, 25 September 2015

Say goodbye

This is one of the last pictures of Dolyhir Peaceful Bliss, shes sat across the back door with her head on my boots in an effort to stop me going on patrol without her. She was taken to the vet a week before this picture as she had a limp, unfortunately the limp was only the start of her troubles and her whole body broke out in lumps from some horrible aggressive cancer. 

 Here she is on her final day with her dad and litter brother and sister
 while this pic shows her a few minutes later with all her kin from the class of 2009 that we kept, Spotty, WooZah, Bliss at the back and Mr Bear on her right. She had a very peaceful last day, the poor girl refused to eat or drink (3rd day without food) and tried to go for a last patrol but the lumps and bumps on the outside were only a small indication of what was going on inside.
 This is she five minutes before the V E T arrived, still happy to use the facilities to the max but desperately poorly and lacking a miracle she went to sleep in my arms and was sent across the rainbow bridge to join her mother Reba, her nephew Ritchie and Aunt Montana. A desperately sad day but the right thing to do for Bliss.
 And heres WooZah, waiting for her to return.
They had never ever been separated until now.

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