Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Unexpected guest

 Technohermit phoned me today (yes hes still alive everyone) as he had caught a small dog while out hunting dinner. Not partial to braised K9 he had the good manners to phone yours truly asking if we were deficit dog. As all ours were accounted for and most are size of small horses it was quickly deduced that this little doggie was not ours and definitely lost.
Rewind a few hours and a lone hiker was found wandering in our yard, different from all other hikers in that he had an arm in a sling. One thing should have happened at this point, he should have said hello and I should have let him know he was not alone. So he wandered off from our patch of the world and had we spoken he would have told me he was looking for his dog, Cassie, seen here, who had last been seen by him chasing after a sheepdog. Eventually she found her way to the entrance of Techno's lair, most likely enticed by the bone pile. .
Several hours later once Cassie had been safely handed over to yours truly in exchange for a chocolate hob nob by a ravenous Technohermit hikers mother appeared asking if we had her dog. As the apprentice was running around the front of the house shouting can we keep her it was a fair bet she had found the right place to collect her pet. Reunited both Cassie and owner were overjoyed and everyone except the apprentice was happy.

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