Monday, 28 September 2015

New PB

 Apollo the wonder foal has that look on his face, the one that says "I've left you a little something"
 Turns out his little somethings along with everybody elses little somethings coat the runway to a frightening depth. As they lack the ability or willingness to clear up, after themselves then yours truly has to buckle down and shovel it for them. Pushed for time means its not done as often as it should be and when it needs clearing its a big job clearing the big jobs. Really pushed for time yours truly set about it with unusual keenness and in less time than it takes England to throw away a game the runway was clear.
A new PB, not sure what the old PB was but this was definitely the fastest shovel action ever. Pronto appreciated my efforts and left me little messages all over the place to show how appreciative he was.


Steve Barnes said...

Has Pronto got no body just a head and leg.

Tony said...

I'm all about angles me :)