Saturday, 21 March 2015

Keep Calm and Curry On

 Paid work has had a bit of stress exercise going on the last few days, in other words yours truly has realised that this is a job and needs to be taken a bit more seriously otherwise the inspectorate who regulate our activities will have a SOHF (sense of humour failure) and take my toys away. In an effort to prevent this an expert has been going through everything (well almost) with a fine toothcomb as part of a quality assurance audit thing. The good news about this is that apart from being really useful and informative, it meant I got to go out one of the evenings for a curry and swap salty  sea dog tales as the nice man doing the QA was an ex matlow medic from HM RN and so had a few dits to spin while we got our gobbling rods around the scran. Any Jack will know what most of that last sentence meant.
And as MBAOSPW is at her mothers with the two boys yours truly has been left with a massive jobs list to complete in her absence which undoubtedly had on it (having conveniently lost it) play on new spinning bike and make Airfix kits.
Another task completed was to collect a friends new bike and as she had not really told me what to expect has to be said the style, weight and accessories were a bit of  a surprise. I wasn't expecting a highly tuned carbon racer but the pre Napoleonic War design coupled with the length and that its made from scrap bits left over from constructing the Forth Bridge was a jaw dropper. The fight to get it in the back of Gerry was overshadowed by the struggle to get it back out again but as you can see its owner is very happy with it and will soon be knocking lorries out of the way as she cycles off to have a picnic or do the weekly shop.

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