Friday, 11 April 2014

Look after it

 There are plans on the jobs list to build a shower/grooming area for the Dolyhir dogs, Berners and non Berners next to the Swiss Chalet Style Kennel Block which, all being well, gets its waterproof coating tomorrow which will then let me crack on with storm shutters and window boxes.
 Until the dog salon gets off the drawing board a temporary solution to bathing a bakers dozens worth of filth encrusted K9's has been concocted. As the RSPCA takes a dim view of owners using pressure washers on their dogs I am in the process of making a Heath Robinson Shower from various bits including an old tin bath property of the Technohermit.
 Now this tin bath has been covering the entrance to his cave since we arrived in 2006 and it has never ever been moved, referred to, used or shot at by man nor beast. So it would be a safe presumption that it could be lent dogs for the bathing of without a second thought.
 So it was, much to my surprise, Techno felt me removing a large waterproof covering to his lair would pose him no real concerns and I could keep it as long as it didnt rain. Problem solved. Happy with the outcome I set about the design of shower cubicle and water supply.
Techno set about thinking things through and so 24 hours later a phone call. "Here!" says a gravelly voice," this tin bath you borrowed, where you going to keep it?"
I pause, considering a range of replies, "Erm..." suffices and buys valuable time.
"You not going to keep it outside are you?" he continues
"Erm...." (thinking its been outside how many years?)
"Make sure you keep its bottom off the floor otherwise it might go rusty and get holes in."
Rem...(there must be something other I could say) Ok...." (success!)
"I don't want holes in it so look after it. Ok?"
End of conversation.

Talking of looking after things, the computer kept going since 2003 has given up and no amount of coaxing will make it work so we are hooking up to a new one so hopefully a better more dynamic blog will emerge.

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