Tuesday, 15 April 2014

A new one on me

Since we began smallholding we have been amazed at the capacity of Ryeland sheep for self harm or suicide. We had a new one to deal with, thankfully the sheep survived, Snowy has had a lamb and to spare the gory detail but to inform, lambs have a special type of bright orange pooh for the first few days after birth. This has all the adhesive properties of the glue used to keep the heat shield tiles on the NASA space shuttles nose cone. Snowy's lamb (yet to be named, lets see if she lives long enough to get one) obviously needed a pooh and did one. And another. Totally sealing her bottom with orange pooh. You can guess the rest, well nealry all of it. The consequence was a build up of pressure so the poor thing waddled into the yard seeking relief which was gained by yours truly holding striken beast while beautiful and oh so patent wife prised pooh seal off. Lamb bleated in pain put happily backfired all over MBAOSPW's arm and much relieved was able to bounce happily back to Snowy for more ammunition. Smallholding is nothing if not glamorous!

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