Monday, 21 April 2014

Horsing around.

 Bank holiday meant time for pastimes and for once the weather forecast was not quite so accurate as usual, we were expecting heavy rain, so we got out doors. Apollo the wonder foal was put through his paces, first by my beautiful and oh so patient wife
 and secondly by the apprentice smallholder
 and by the end of it Apollo was a very tired boy.
 Pastimes are essential for peace of mind and to stop the apprentice engaging in activities like playing pirates where you have to swing off the curtains (he put this down to collateral damage) and posting my bank card into anything that it fits into and forgetting where.  Once they finished horsing around I got on with fun jobs like pressure washing the patio, sand pit, bike, garden furniture and slow moving dogs.
 Tonight's sunset was a tad dramatic, soft rays of sun fading through the gnarly hazel (oooh I'm all over art me) and then
 a stiff breeze that was the forerunner of a storm cloud gathering behind the Bonsai Mountain
and as it passed over head it made for quite a spectacle. Then it rained. Mightily.

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