Thursday, 24 April 2014

Its for charity mate!

Serious training has been avoided but I am almost back on track, or the bike, where I lack serious road miles I am making up for in effort on the spin bike (in fact I am about to lead 10 or so spin classes at the local leisure centre) and this weekend (essay for university and child care permitting) I am doing the Hay on High 100 miler as part of the "programme" to prepare for to epic 300km ride on 1st June 2014 to raise money for Myeloma UK, a cancer research charity that uses the money to support families and seek treatments for this nasty illness. Unfortunatley one of my closest friends has this illness, Paul, hes the one bothering the ex goat (she was a UXG but is now an XG) in the pic below. Paul and I go back a long way, I even covered for him after he barfed in his wifes glove while we sat out a blizzard close to the summit of Mt Blanc. He's a talented musician, a great Dad and Granddad, crap joke teller (we all have our weak points) and an expert brewer. He's always a laugh (despite his crap jokes) and is the epitomy of Mr Nice Guy. So I am going to do my bit by cycling the 300km and you can do yours by Texting the number 70070 and enter the code TTTA and an amount from £1 to £10, as many times as you want to. Or you can log on to and donate there. Its that simple. You can do it, and help nice people like Paul.
Due to slight technical hitch the wrong poster got circulated, see below, right in so far as date, objective etc but wrong charity and donation details, sorry folks. The new one will appear on these pages and in the margin as soon as I can persuade my poster guru to make the necessary changes.

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