Saturday, 12 April 2014

A close run thing...

 In a previous life I have led climbs, the stack in Symonds Yat was a claim to fame and I have also ice climbed, stealing a climb from nature up frozen waterfalls. Then there was a time when I was climbing in the Pyrenees, or the Alps, summiting Mt Blanc x2 and almost getting there another x2.
 Or in another chapter I was an obstacle course instructor for Her Majesty's Navy, leaping over ten foot walls with gay abandon, or getting to grips with the Royal Marines Trapezium Course in RM Poole where those that bottle it get sent home. I'm also a qualified top rope and abseil instructor and an ariel slide supervisor, and lets not mention parachute jumps. So heights should not worry me. And they don't to be honest, its the sudden impact after the height that's the bother.  That's what happened in 2007, a small stupid fall and a massive injury and perhaps a bit of PTSD to make life a bit interesting.
 So today was spent well out of my comfort zone between 2 and 3.5 metres above the deck. Time to put the roof covering on the Swiss Chalet Style Kennel Block. Once the maximum amount that could possibly be done by reaching from the scaffolding was done there was no option but to clamber up and get on with it.
 Thankfully I had a bit of help from Steve the roofer who at one point asked me if the fear had gone.
 As I was spreadeagled trying to access every possible bit of grip from friction at the time I think it was safe to say, no it hadn't really gone I was just suffering quietly.
 The roof is over 45 metres and I had ordered 48 metres of felt shingles from sunny Finland. It looked like we would run out and be half a pack short so spirits were low mid afternoon.
 But soon perked up again when we realised that we had 62 bits left and only needed 44 ish.
 9 hours in all we had left to do was fit the ridge tiles and coax a fat bloke off the roof.
 6.30 all done save for the tidy up and trauma therapy.
 Obligatory arty farty shot.
 Having enough material was not the only aspect that was a close run thing, the weather closed in mid afternoon and when the last tile was placed it hammered down.
Progress! All thats left is the guttering, the floors, ceilings, achitraving (spelling, its the pretty bits around the doors) interior windows, facia boards, electric lights, running water, Jacuzzi.....

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