Monday, 7 April 2014

Good enough for the Pink Panther

 Back in the jug agane :(
Chizz chizz.
Molesworth fans will appreciate the spelling.
Yes back to paid work today and with it the joy of 476 unopened emails and an in tray as big as my desk. All were deftly ignored in preference for meetings where we either spoke about my holiday or Bernese Mountain Dog puppies. I began to lose count of the number of people who, when in answer to their question of "Where did you go on holiday" just managed to stop themself saying "I thought you were going somewhere nice" when I gave them the answer.
 Yes we went to Durham, and if it was good enough for the Pink Panther, its good enough for us (Did you know the Pink Panther went to Durham for his holidays Google it) .
And what a lovely place it was (despite the one off Saharan fog) with loads to see. The photo police were out trying to stop anyone sneaking pictures of the inside of the cathedral but with a toddler creating a useful distraction I managed to get a couple. This is one end.
 And this is the other. Theres a lot of dead famous dead people in here including St Cuthbert who ruled the world until the Vikings took it off him. At least I think thats what happened.
 We didnt get a chance to go to the castle, so that's next year
 as will be a another longer more informative visit to the cathedral.
 The town square is dominated by this church, very famous for its pointy spire
but most interesting is this massive statue of a bloke on a pony and breaking into proper tour guide mode I can tell you it was unveiled on December 2nd 1861 and it depicts the Marquess on horseback in grand hussar uniform. The 3rd marquess owned collieries in the vicinity of Durham but is principally famous as the builder (not by himself, he had help) of the Durham coal port of Seaham Harbour (not the best place for fish and chips, thats further south, Seaton Carew, the Almighty Cod, but that's beaten by The Cod and Lobster in Staithes and they allow dogs in the pub) which he founded in 1828 (Seaham Harbour not the Cod and Lobster keep up!)as a rival to Sunderland.
 The Marquess of Londonderry’s full name was Charles William Vane Tempest Stewart. The sculptor of this statue was Signor Raphael Monti (1818-1881) who did not, as is often thought commit suicide following the discovery of a flaw in his creation by a blind beggar man who felt inside the horses mouth and shouted that the horse had no tongue and Monti should be burned at the stake for witch craft.
He did in fact die in his own home sat on the toilet after eating too many deep fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
 Or was that Elvis?

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